Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One more week has come and gone, wow how time flies by, but the work is progressing here in Nativitas,

This week, I would like to share an experience that we had with a less active member, named Francisco, he was baptized almost a year ago, but stopped goign to church, we have tried to find him for like 3 months, and we finally found him. But here is what is cool, we checked his house at like 1200 noon, and he wasn´t there, so we continued the day like normal, then, we were around his house again, heading to visit another investigator, when me and my companion had the thought to visit Francisco again, we checked and he was there! WE had a lesson about the atonement, and he told us that he wanted to experience the blessings of the atonement in his life, and he told us he was going to go to church the next day, this was Saturday, and...... he was there! And more than that, he is like the nicest person I have ever met, today, our p day, Francisco took us to go bowling, and I had a turkey! It was fun, but even better than this, is that Francisco is now returning to the church, and just helping him has been such an awesome experience.

Also, this week, my companion and I had the oppurtunity to talk in Sacrament meeting, that was pretty cool, it was sawesome, I wasn´t given a topic, but I decided to talk on testimony, and it actually went really well, it was a good talk, I think, and i learned so much while I was preparing my talk. Also, this week, we had a lesson with the mom of Carlos, she is 87 years old! And she has the book of mormon on CD and she loves to listen to it, it is amazing to see that the gospel is for everyone, the only thing that is a problem, is that is difficult to get her to go to the church, because she is old, and can´t move around much. Also, CArlos´s son Rodrigo, is still interested in learning more and we are still teaching him in english. The work is progressing, and although I am still in the same area, I am ready to work hard and bring other souls unto Christ, things are going good. WEll, I don´t have much time to write this week, but next week, i will write more, thanks for your love and support and your prayers, adios, nos vemos la proxima semana, Elder Limb

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