Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey family, things are going great righ tnow, I had my my first baptism this past Saturday, i was nervous though because all of it has to be in spanish, all of the words and it has to be perfect, but I did it! And there is no other feeling that is better than a baptism, knowing that I have helped someone to come unto Christ and receive the blessings of the atonement. WE had another lesson with Alfonso, but this time things didn´t go so well, he had some strange questions, we gave him a pamphlet of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he told us that he can´t be baptized because his nose is different, or something like that, all these weird questions. I hope that things will turn out well with him though, he has his agency though, all we can do is keep on teaching to the best of our ability. Spanish is getting better too, I´m starting to learn how to teach, and how to listen. The food is great, I am enjoying it so much, it is a little spicy, okay a lot spicy, but I´m starting to like this spicy food. Still though, the coolest thing, was that we invited all of the ward to come to this baptism of two of our investigators, and the whole ward, basically was there, it is always awesome when the ward shows support to converts. One of the converts who my companion baptized, Carlos, is 12 and next sunday he will get to receive the priesthood, he is so excited to receive it. I got to baptize Melanie, his older sister, they were so excited. The ward is so awesome here, we had a ward activity about family history, and they invited us(this was right after the baptism) and there was some good food there, hamburgers, they were delicious! It was just like being in a bbq back home.

Benjamin, I hope that things go good for you with your new crazy schedule, but yeah, just keep praying and studying the xcriptures and working hard and everything will work out well. Here, in mexico city, there are always tons of people in the streets, so we usually just do street contacting, we haven{t received many referrals from members, but we´re working on it. We also knock doors, and this is fun, because you have to be creative, one approach that I tried that was fun, went like this, we knocked the door, the people who answer always say "Quien" (Who) and I said, we are here to give you money, she answered the door and I started to explain that it was spiritual money, that it was worth a lot more than all of the money put together in the world, she took our passalong card, but we didn´t get an appointment with her, I´ll have to try this tactic another time though, it´s fun. If you say you are missionaries, they usually don´t want to listen or will say they don´t have time, so it´s fun to be creative to try and get them to answer the door, and sometimes they want to learn more

This week, we found someone awesome, hopefully she will get baptized, but we started talking to her, and she said that she only believes in God, that she doesn´t believe in any religion because there are people who don´t live their religions, we actually had a lesson with ehr, and have another appointment with her, she said that she felt warm and good inside during our lesson, we explained that this is the holy ghost and that we are here to help her, because she had been looking for something, it was awesome, but she has her agency, we will keep working with her to invite her to be baptized.

Today, in the morning, we got the chance to go bowling for a Pday activity with the rest of my district, this was so fun, I´m starting to feel like I belong in Mexico, i only have 3 weeks here, but i am learning to love it, and enjoy it. it´s also fun to ride the metro(subway) you always see interesting people there, I wish i had time to tell more about the people that I saw.

The work is going great, we have two investigators who will be baptized this saturday, so I´m way excited for that, and the week after that is general conference, thank good ness I get to watch it in english haha, writing in spánish is difficult for me, but I´m getting better at listening. I can´t believe that my first transfer is almost up, two more weeks, time flies by, especially when you are working hard, and that is what me and my companion have been doing. There are so many people here to teach, the members are so nice, they feed us every day, and I´ve had oppurtunities to try all kinds of food, to be honest, half the time i can´t even remember what the food is called, but I love it. I love seeing investigatros progress, as they accept the gospel and gain their own testimony. This is one thing that makes up for every time that I´ve been rejected, but seeing the one investigator progress and accept the gospel makes up for the other rejections. I don´t have time to say much more, and mom, I received your pouch mail letter, but I don´t have much time to write hand written letters, I´ll try to get some, maybe this next week, the work here is busy, we´re working hard, and I love it. I have felt so much help from the Lord in my teaching, learning of spanish, and finding. I love missionary work, I know I only have 3 months in the mission, but it feels like longer, and I´m going to work hard every day, to enjoy every second of my mission, thanks for writing me, I really appreciate it, keep me updated on how life is going. Next week I´ll write more, if you guys would like, I´ll answer any questions that you have, thanks so much for your love, support, and prayers

Love, Elder Daniel Limb

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dear family, things in Mexico are so busy! Missionary work is busy, but I love it, i have learned so much in such a short period of time, i know that I am not perfect, but I sure try my best. This week, i have a really awesome awesome, beyond awesome story that I want to tell to you all, it goes like this:

So this week, saturday the 15th of september( a holiday in Mexico) we were out tracting, me and my companion, and we had a back up plan to teach a man named alfonso, he was under the list of future investigators, so we had no idea what to think about when we showed up to teach him. But, our first lesson, our actual plan didn´t fall through, so we went to teach Alfonso, we didn´t know if he would be home or not, but he was home, and here is where the story literally gets awesome. Alfonso started off by greeting us by saying, i already read the book of mormon, it´s confusing and it isn´t true. We weren´t sure where to go from here, but he kept babbling on and to be honest I didn´t understand everything that he said, but I understood the majority of it. But eventually, me and my companion asked him how he knows these things, and he said he just does, so we asked him if he had prayed, he said that he hadn´t.... there´s the reason why he doesn´t know that it´s true, but anyways, I´ll continue with the story. So he said that he hadn´t prayed, and that he didn´t feel worthy to pray, because he felt like God was punishing him because he has a heart problem or something like that, but we got teaching him and he really didn´t believe that God loved him, at all. So, I started baring my testimony, and the spirit helped me to say what he needed to hear, and hear is where the cool part of the story is. My companion started talking, and he´s awesome by the way, but he started teaching and he also bore his testimony and taught Alfonso that heavenly father really does love him, and then, the cool part comes. Alfonso said, and I quote: "How is it that you can know the thoughts in my heart and mind" it was just like the story of Ammon and King Lamoni, he then asked if me and my companion were apostles, we said no, but we have been called by a prophet and apostle of God to come to this country, more specifically to your home Alfonso, to teach you a message, to tell you that there are things on this earth that you need to do before you can prepare to meet God again after this life, that even though you have a heart problem, that there is still time for us to help you. Then he asked both of us to offer a pray in his house, which was good because we started teaching at his door step, but my companion prayed and then I prayed, and our prayers were very similar, and then he decided to pray. Which was a miracle, because at the beginning of the lesson, he said that he was unworthy to pray and stuff like that, but he prayed and the spirit was so strong during that lesson, I literally can understand why I am called here, because there are people like Alfonso that need the gospel, to help them understand their purpose in life, why they are here, where they are going, what they need to do, and stuff like that. We have another appointment with Alfonso this week, and I am hoping and praying that he chooses to get baptized, because he needs to, and if he does, this will be the coolest story ever, I´m telling you it was just like in the book of mormon, it was awesome, and I want to help Alfonso to understand the gospel.  Well, there you have it, that is the story that was just awesome that I just had to tell this week, I literally love being a missionary here in Mexico, it´s hard, but I love it, and I am going to do my best to be a good missionary, to live for every second of my mission, and right now, I´m so excited to teach.

The food here is different, this week, I tried grasshopper..... no surprise, but it tasted like dried up grass with lemon flavor, it was weird... but yeah I like the food for the most part, they actually have a walmart here, so most of my breakfast and stuff is pretty much american food, like cereal and stuff like that. But the cool thing is that here in Mexico City, the church is pretty strong, there are enough members where we have a pretty large chapel, and as missionaries, we get to have food with the members every day, one meal a day, and they usually feed us good! I have tried so many new foods, I can´t even remember the names of them, but I haven´t gotten sick yet, which has been a surprise, but I´m, loving it.

The people in Mexico are so nice, they are just awesome, they are so willing to listen, there´s a word in mexico that is kind of like a magic word I guess you could say, the word is "disculpe" which basically means excuse me, but when you say this to someone, they will stop and listen, no matter who you are, and a lot of the time they are interested to know where they will be going after this life. It´s different in America, but here in mexico, everybody is willling to listen, which is awesome. But yeah, they are so nice, and patient with my spanish haha, but to be honest, my spanish has progressed rapidly, my companion said that I speak like a missionary who already has 6 months experience in the field, I don´t know if he was just saying that to be nice, or if it´s true, but either way, I have improved so much, especially while teaching.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write me, it really means a lot, I love letters, and if you want to, you can use the mission office address posted in my lastweeks email to write hand written letters. Another thing that I want to talk about is the 15th of september. Here in mexico, this holiday is huge, they have been having fireworks for every night the past week, it´s basically like new years and 4th of july put together, it´s crazy! But awesome, they celebrate so much, there was costumes of people in the street and stuff like that, plus tiendas that were selling mexico souvineers and stuff liek that, it was so awesome!

Keep me posted on how things are going, I´m sorry I don´t have much time to try and answer every question, and keep up with everything, but I´m trying.

Oh yeah, another thing, we have 3 baptisms this week! Yessica, y sus hijos(children) Carlos and Melanie, will be baptized this saturday. It´s so awesome, to feel the change in their lives, when they realize that the atonement can make them clean tand that through baptism they can receive forgiveness of sins, and join the church. But they are just such an awesome family to teach, I´m so excited, we already had one baptism, but this one will be differente, because it will be the work of me and my companion more, we actually taught them the lessons, really it´s all the work of the spirit, but we helped with this one. The last baptism that we had, the missionaries who were here previously taught him and prepared him, but yeah, it feels good. It makes up for all the times that i have been rejected or anything like that, but it is just awesome to be a missionary. I love this mission and everything about it, yes it´s new, and the streets at night are a bit scary, but I´m learning and loving it, spanish is coming along great, and I can´t wait to teach and work.

thanks for you love, support and prayers on my behalf, I´m out of time, but thanks for writing and I hope I answered all of your questions. Thanks for everything

Love, your son and brother,

Elder Limb

Monday, September 10, 2012

Elder Daniel Ian Limb

México México City South Mission

Av. Progreso 106, 3º Piso

Barrio Santa Catarina, Coyoacán

04010 México, Distrito Federal


Hello to everyone, from Mexico! It is so different here than the usa, im trying hard to learn spanish, but it is still difficult. the address posted above is the mission office, you can use that address for basically my entire mission. This week has been crazy, crazy fun, and crazy hard. i have never done something like this before in my life, but i know that heavenly father is there for me to help me, ive felt stressed, but my companion told me to not worry so much, that my spanish will progress with time and that eventually I will learn it. Oh, a little bit about my companion, his name is Elder Beatty, he is from Lehi, Utah. He will be training me for the first 12 weeks, the church has a program for new missionaries to do, basically it is where we get more time to study and stuff. Want to know something cool? We already had our first baptism! The missionaries before us were teaching him his name is johan, but we finished the teaching and got to watch him get baptized by his uncle. Another awesome thing

Another awesome thing, we already have 5 investigators with a baptisimal date, and 4 of them showed up at the chapel yesterday, it was such an awesome experience. The name of my area is Nativitas, it´s not exactly in the downtown area of Mexico City, but it`s still huge. there are literally like 1 million people in this area, so many people to teach and contact. I`m starting to feel like I belong here, because this is where I was called to go. But right now, we have a mom and two kids who we are teaching, their names are Yessica(the mom) Carlos(son) y melanie(daughter) they are pretty much awesome investigators, they accepted all of the commandments and were at church yesterday, I`ve only taught them two times, but already I feel a special connection towards them, because that is why I`m here. The people here are so awesome, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met, they always are willing to listen, and a lot of them are interested in the gospel.

How are things going at home? Keep me updated on how work is going for you and dad, and how school is going for everyone else. It is so different here, I remember the first time i saw mexico city from the plane, it was huge! It was like a sea of buildings, there is so many different things that I wish i could have time to tell you about, but I`ll try my best. One thing that is different is everyone pretty much walks in the streets, so it`s a little different, but it`s alright. The members here are so nice, they feed us everyday, we have what is called a comida(meal) where we get to talk with the members and teach them a little bit. My mission president is awesome! The first night we arrived, he took all the new missionaries to McDonalds here in mexico. It was a little different, they actually had jalapeno peppers at the mcDonalds, i tried one and..... that`s one thing that I need to learn, the food is a bit spicy, but I love it. Another thing is the culture, i`m still trying to learn, but i`m getting there.

This week, there is going to be a huge celebration on the 15th of this month, it,s basically like their 4th of july, you can look up information abou tit, i don`t totally understand it, but what I do understand is that there have been fireworks every night! They are so loud, they sound like gun shots, but their just big boomy majigs or something. But yeah, I am starting to love this area, I know that me and my companion will be able to have a lot of success here. Time has also flown by, I`ve already been here a week! it`s also different using pesos, but a lot of stufff is really cheap. like food and bottles of soda and juice, one dollar is basically equal to 10 pesos. It`s different, but I`m starting to adjust.

I`m still working on spanish, but at church, all of the members were so nice to me, even though I couoldn´t understand everything that they said. The food that I have eaten so far, has been delicious, they use tortillas a ton, they are basically like bread for them. But yes, I have been working hard to learn and grow. I can remember feeling a little scared at the beginning of this week of the great responsibility that being a missionary is, I was also scared of the culture, because there have been some pretty scary things that I have seen, but i have prayed for comfort, to know that I can overcome all of my doubts and be happy and have a good mission, and my testimony has been strengthened so much, I know that heavenly father wants me here in Mexico and althought there might be challenges, I`ll overcome them to the best of my ability.

I know that you guys probably have a lot of questions, so please send some questions in your next email, and I`ll answer them to the best of my ability. Still though, I honestly am so grateful to be here in the mission field, I have an awesome companion, he only has 6 months left in his mission, but we will do good things together, I know this. I would like to share my testimony with you in español with you guys

Yo sé que la iglesia de JesuCristo de los santos de los ultimos días es verdad. Yo sé que atraves la expiación de Jesucristo, que podamos recibir perdon por todos de nuestros pecados. Yo sé que tenemos un profeta viviente aquí en este mundo, presidente Thomas s. monson. Yo sé que el libro de mormon es la palabra de Dios, y tambien yo sé que el evangelio de Jesucristo puede cambiar las vidas de todos las personas quien escuchan he visto milagros aqui en Mexico, la iglesia es fuerte aquí, esté yo sé. Yo digo estas cosas en el nombre de JesuCristo Amen

One other thing that is kind of cool, but an interesting story, there was this one guy, who we walked by and he started talking to us in english, so we talked with him. It turns out that he is actually a very less active member, he lived in new york for 14 years, did some bad stuff went to jail, but in jail he read the bible, then found the missionaries and was baptized. But now he told us that he is back to his old ways, this is something that we are going to work on. We are goign to visit with him this week to try and get him back to church.
Also, there are tons of dogs here, there are dogs in the street, dogs everywhere. There was this one huge dog, who started to lunge after me, but he was tied to a chain, my heart started racing, but hey, welcome to the life of a missionary. The people here are so humble, they don`t have all of the luxeries that we have, today, I learned how to wash my clothes by hand, it´s different but kind of fun. I guess you could say I`m living the life of a pioneer in a way, but yeah, it is definately different. When I arrived, one fo the first things <i said was, i`m not in kansas(utah) anymore. Everybody stares at me funny when I speak, but hey I´m trying and I will learn with time, I´m still a rookie, but soon I´ll get to be a senior companion. I´ll try to keep you updated as best as I can. Oh yeah ,they have a walmart here, and the prices are pretty low,

I´m so excited to work with the investigators who have baptisimal dates though, when they said yes that they wanted to be baptized on a specific date, that was one of the coolest things that I have ever felt, it makes all the people who have rejected me worth it, I´m trying my best, and working hard. Our mission has a goal to get 900 investigators to come to general conference in the capillas(chapels) so that is a goal that we are working on as a companionship. We need to get 15 investigators to conference to do our part of this goal, I´ve literally learned so much in just one week. <missionary work is honestly one of the biggest miracles in all the world, I´ve seen miracles here and felt the spirit, please pray for me to learn the language, and also to become a good missionary. Also, I don´t know how often I´ll be able to write letters with stamps and stuff, but I´ll try to figure that out, when <i receive letters, so if you send me a hand written letter, I´ll reply. Thanks for everything that you do, I love you guys and am thankful for everything

Love, your son and brother

Elder Limb

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alright, this is my last email in the United States of America, on Monday I will be in Mexico!!!

Here is my address in Mexico, I would love to receive some letters, even if they''re only short, every little letter means so much and has helped me so much.

Elder Daniel Ian Limb

México México City South Mission

Av. Progreso 106, 3* Piso

Barrio Santa Catarina, Coyoacán

04010 México, Distrito Federal


This week has been so awesome! WE had infield orientaion yesterday, which was just awesome! It was basically like an alll day spiritual feast, I learned so much about how to do missionary work and how to find investigators and how to work with the members. I´´m excited but also a little scared, because the first Sunday that I´´m there, I will have to bare my testimony and speak in front of the whole ward in spanish, I hope I don´t accidentaly say something bad or anything like that haha, my spanish has gotten a lot better though, but I sometimes mess up on words and they sound like other words, but I know that the most important thing is that I teach by and with the spirit, and that is what I am going to do. It´s so crazy to think that I am leaving on Monday, but I´m ready, 9 weeks in the mtc is a long time! One really important thing that I really learned about was the importance of having faith, you have to have faith to do miracles, and faith that the Lord will help you in your work. Another thing that is muy importante es tener un positive attitude. Having a positive attitude is very important, if you have a positive attitude, miracles are so much more likely to happen. Just today, elder Baker and I had an awesome lesson, it was with a member, she had a great story about receiving revelation through the scriptures, because that was what we were teaching about. I feel pretty confident about my teaching skills now, I have gotten better, there is still so much more that I need to improve on, but I am ready to do it. I am so grateful for the oppurtunity that I have to be a missionary, and I have already felt the Lord´s help and love in my time at the mtc, he has helped me to get through times of frustration with the language and just times when I´ve needed a pick me up or something, but prayer really helps. Also, the devotional this past Tuesday was awesome, it was by Elder Perkins of the seventy, it was pretty sweet, he talked about the importance of being positve and to just have no fear and just go at the ¡missionary work and do the best that you can do, and he also talked about how we can help investigators come unto Christ. I´m excited for my flight though, and my two hour layover in TExas, because I bought 100 pass along cards from the mtc book store, and I´m gonna try to give out all of them, I´m so excited, hopefully at least one person will accept the message and who knows, maybe they´´ll join the church, that wouldl be just awesome

I´m so excited to go on Monday, and I´ll do my best to keep you guys updated on the mission, but I know that I´ll be way busy with mission work, but I´ll try my best