Monday, January 28, 2013

To start off, I just want ot say, that this week, we had the best lesson with Carlos Rios, his testimony is so strong, and I have learned so much from him, especially about how to live the gospel. he told us a little bit more about the story of why he chose to contact us after we contacted the bus, that day. He told us that he had been living life, without real purpose, and that he heard some scholar say that the thing he has to do is live the gospel, he ignored this saying. The second time, he heard it again, from the library or something like that, that says that what he should do is return to the true gospel, so he was thingking about it, but he didn´t do it. Then, we came around and said that the gospel had been restored, he got excited, and this time, the 3rd time, he knew he couldn´t ignore the message, and he decided to embrace the gospel 100% and now, he is amember, this is my testimony that the Lord really is preparing people for the missionaries to teach, he cares about his children, and we as members have the chance ot bring the gospel to all, it was pretty awesome.

Also, this week, I had the oppurtunity to give a blessing to a member whose daughter is having some problems, the mom needed some comfort, and she asked us for a blessing, it is such a great feeling to serve in the priesthood, to help others to feel the power of God, and I testify that the priesthood is real, that it is the power of god, and that it an bring comfort and healing. And, to give another report on the food of Mexico, this week, I ate "alambre" it is so good! It is like meat with onions and peppers, and it tastes so good, you put it on tortillas and it will work wonders in your tummy! It tastes pretty much delicious, I love the food here, especially the jello, it is pretty freaking awesome.

Also, something pretty cool, was that a less active member who hadn´t been to church in 30 years went to church this sunday, it wa s amiracle, and I was glad to have been able to help here to remember the covenants that she has already made, this member is very nice, she gave us cheescake, and it was delicious! But way more important than the cheesecake, is that she was at church, in the chapel, to be able to partake of the SAcrament, also, this week, I had exchanges with anothe rElder, I was in another area for a day, and that was pretty cool, we taught some good lessons, and I got to eat pretty good this day as well. And yeah, that is basically the highlights of the week, I´ll send some more stuff next week, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, Love, Elder Limb

P.S. this week, I had the chance to go to the temple grounds with my companion because there is church doctor there, andhe had to go, it is pretty cool, I love the temple.. Oh yeah, I´m gonna send some photos

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello Everybody, today, January 21, 2012, is my 200th day in the mission, and wow how time flies by, but I love it. to start off, I would like to explain what I got to do this day, my pday, today, I had the oppurtunity to go downtown, and wow, it is huge!!!! Like literally 8 times larger than Salt Lake City downtown, I also got to go to a museum of mummies, that was pretty cool, it is pretty cool in downtown mexico, it´s definitely one of a kind of a place, but it´s pretty awesome.

And, we have one investigator with a date for baptism, the son of Carlos, Rodrigo, is so excited about lerarning the gospel, and we already have a date for his baptism. I´m pretty excited, I hope that everything will be good with that baptism. And, this week, I had the oppurtunity to teach Carlos Rios again, it was so cool! He is so interested in studying the gospel, and he is already giving us suggestions to improve the missionary work here in Nativtas, I´m pretty excited for him. He is reading every day, and studying like crazy, he is pretty much like one of the smartest people I have ever met, he understands Einstein, and now, he is beginning to understand the gospel, and that is even more awesome, I´m excited to see his process, for that reason, i wouldn´t mind being here in Nativitas another six weeks, but we´ll see what happens when there are changes. Also, more information on Carlos Rios, we are still teaching his mom, and she is 87 years old, but can´t see very well, so she has been listening to the book of mormon on CD and she remembers everything perfectly! She can´t go to church though because it is too cold in the morning for her to leave, she wants to be baptized, but we have to wait until MArch or April, when she can leave easier, but still, I really hope that her health will permit her to be baptized and go to church, because she is pretty much awesome. Also, there is really cool experience that I had that i want to tell you guys real quick, Here it comes.

So, my companion and I needed to hurry to get to an appointment, because we were in another appointment longer than expected, so we decided to take a micr(a small bus) which normall costs 8 pesos for both of us, so we were waiting for the bus, it came, we signaled it that we wanted to ride, and it came, and we got on, and I tried to pay, but the driver wouldn´t let me, my companion couldn´t pay either, and I´m pretty sure it was because he saw the name of Jesus Christ on our nametags, because he was listing to spanish christian rock music about how Jesus Christ is our Savior and stuff, so I´m pretty sure he didn´t make us pay because of that, it was pretty awesome, Its so cool to me how even nonmembers of the church can still recognize what missionaries represent, to me that is a testimony to the importance and the truth of this work that I have a blessing to be apart of, it´s pretty much, fantastic!. And yeah, that´s about all for this week, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, Love you all! Love, Elder Daniel Limb

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One more week has come and gone, wow how time flies by, but the work is progressing here in Nativitas,

This week, I would like to share an experience that we had with a less active member, named Francisco, he was baptized almost a year ago, but stopped goign to church, we have tried to find him for like 3 months, and we finally found him. But here is what is cool, we checked his house at like 1200 noon, and he wasn´t there, so we continued the day like normal, then, we were around his house again, heading to visit another investigator, when me and my companion had the thought to visit Francisco again, we checked and he was there! WE had a lesson about the atonement, and he told us that he wanted to experience the blessings of the atonement in his life, and he told us he was going to go to church the next day, this was Saturday, and...... he was there! And more than that, he is like the nicest person I have ever met, today, our p day, Francisco took us to go bowling, and I had a turkey! It was fun, but even better than this, is that Francisco is now returning to the church, and just helping him has been such an awesome experience.

Also, this week, my companion and I had the oppurtunity to talk in Sacrament meeting, that was pretty cool, it was sawesome, I wasn´t given a topic, but I decided to talk on testimony, and it actually went really well, it was a good talk, I think, and i learned so much while I was preparing my talk. Also, this week, we had a lesson with the mom of Carlos, she is 87 years old! And she has the book of mormon on CD and she loves to listen to it, it is amazing to see that the gospel is for everyone, the only thing that is a problem, is that is difficult to get her to go to the church, because she is old, and can´t move around much. Also, CArlos´s son Rodrigo, is still interested in learning more and we are still teaching him in english. The work is progressing, and although I am still in the same area, I am ready to work hard and bring other souls unto Christ, things are going good. WEll, I don´t have much time to write this week, but next week, i will write more, thanks for your love and support and your prayers, adios, nos vemos la proxima semana, Elder Limb

Monday, January 7, 2013

Well, another week has passed by, and this week, I completed exactly 6 months in the mission! Time has flown by so fast, I can`t even believe it, but I have loved every moment that I have had to serve the Lord and to share my testimony and to do what I know how to do, to serve and testify.

This week, one of the best days of my life happened, it was the baptism of Carlos. The man who I contacted in the micro, everything started with one word, "gospel" he was interested to know what is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he loves to study, he was so excited to receive his bible that we gave him to study after his baptism, and it was just such an awesome experience. the spirit testified to me, that Carlos had been forgiven of his past sins and transgressions, and that he had entered into the covenant of baptism, the feelings I felt there were so strong, words can`t even describe them. We are still teaching the son of Carlos, in english, and he has a date to be baptized, but we still have to teach him the word of wisdom and things like that, but I`m excited.

Well, it is now a new transfer, I will still be in the same area(Nativitas) with the same companion Elder Gerlach, things are still going good, but I still haven`t had a mexican companion to help me to improve my spanish and to help me learn more about the culture. Well, this week in mexico, there was quite a significant holiday. It is called " Reyes Magos" and it has something to do with the wisemen who visited jesus when he was born, but basically it is kind of like Christmas. What happens is all of the kids who want presents from the REyes Magos put their name and address and a list of gifts that they want to receive on a piece of paper, they then roll it up, and tie it to a balloon and send it to the "Reyes MAgos" it`s pretty cool, it`s kind of like a second christmas, there were a lot of balloons this week because of this.

Another part that is essential to baptism is conversion, and that is exactly what happened to Carlos on Sunday, he received the gift of the holy ghost, and I have never seen anybody more happy in all the world then Carlos after he received that gift, and he told me something that will always stay with me forever, that impacted me a lot, he told me that: When someone is living the gospel of Jesus Christ, all things are possible that are right." And oh how right he is, he told me that the only reason why he wanted to learn more was because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and because he witnessed the blessings of two american missionaries from Utah living the gospel, and he wanted to have that for himself, and now he has it, he is just so awesome! I have learned so much from him. also, this week, we had a lesson with an hermana who hadn`t gone to church in 30 years! 30 years! She told us it was because she can`t pay tithing or something like that, but what she said really impacted me, she told us that she always accepts the missionaries because she`s afraid that if she doesn`t that one day god won`t give her all the blessings that she wants, but that she still wont go to church. She told us that she would start to read the book of mormon, and this experience caused me to think of the power and authority of a missionary, not to say anything to brag or make myself look better than anyone, because I know that I am just a missionary, just a 19 year old teenager, living the gospel of Jesus Christ, but when I thought about it, I realized that she had a lot of truth, that missionaries really are called of God, and have the authority to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are still working with her, and I hope that she will one day return to the church, it will take a lot of work, but that was what i have been called to do, to work with less active members, and to help all to come unto Christ.

And, another update on the good delicious food of Mexico, I love the food here, but this week, I had the oppurtunity to try something new, I got to try "tinga" it is delicious, it tastes so good, it is like shredded meat on a tortilla, with cream, and cheese, but different cream and different cheese than what there is Utah, but it is dang good, I think one of my new favorite foods of Mexico. The work of the Lord is progressing, I am grateful for the chance that I have to be a part of it, I know that I am only one man, but with the Lord`s help, all things are possible, and if I live the gospel of Jesus Christ, like what Carlos is now doing, all things that are good, I will receive, and that is the blessings that everyone needs, even if it takes time, it is always worth it. MExico is a different place, there is a lot of influence of the adversary, but I know that inside of me, and in the church, that the prescence of the spirit can be felt, and that is my light, my guide, and my help, and through this, all things are possible. Even if it`s difficult, which it is, I have had many trials on my mission, but i also know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution, I know that the atonement is real, and that everyone who needs it, can have it, it is available to alll and it is infinite, and powerful, this is my testimony and i share it with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen

Also, another thing that was pretty cool about Carlos was that this week, we had an appointment with him, before he told us that he probabley couldn´t make it, we asked him

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello everyone, this week, has honestly been one of the best weeks of my mission, and I´m about to tell you why. Remember Carlos, I think I told you a little bit about him before, he will be baptized this saturday! WE put a date for his baptism this week, he is one of the best investigators I have ever found, he is alredy sharing the gospel with his friends and family. In fact, from Carlos, he told us that his son is interested in the gospel, so we started to teach him, it was a little different though, because we were teaching in english! My english, if you can´t already tell, has gotten worse, it is difficult for me to talk in english haha, but the two lessons that we have had with Carlos son have been so good, and in english, what is cool to me, is that the gospel message is the same in every langueage, I could still feel the spirit in the lesson, and it was awesome.

Also, another thing that was pretty cool about Carlos was that this week, we had an appointment with him, before he told us that he probabley couldn´t make it, we asked him why, an dhe told us it was because he had pain in his hip. So, my companion and I sent him a message asking him if he had faith. he said yes, and we explained about the priesthood, how he could receive a blessing and that it would help him to be healed. he told us taht he had faith, and we went and were able to give hima blessing, and he told us that he felt better afterward, and that it helped him to be able to deal with the pain. It was an awesome experience, the power of the priesthood is real, and we are going to baptize him this Saturday! I´m so excited! He is going to be such a strong member of the churc.

Another thing that has been cool this week, is that people have been contacting us, usually this doesn´t happen. But yeah, we found 3 members that aren´t registered in the ward that contacted us, that want to return to the church, and we were able to have a lesson with them, and dedicate their home, it was pretty awesome. The church is growing here, little by little, there are like 20 million people here in teh city, and I always think how cool it would be if all of the people were members. And, today, we were walking to an appointment, and someone was actually following us, we didn´t know it, but he had been running to try and catch us, he saw us from far away, and he told us that he was a member and the he needed our help, he hadn´t gone to church in a long time, and so we began to talk, and me and my companion shared some scriptures from the book of mormon, and he actually was about to cry, because he was feeling the spirt, and then we gave him our number, and he left. But it was cool because we were in the right place, at the right time, and he was too. I hope that this member returns to the church, but it was a cool experience.

Also, I can´t believe that the new year is about to start, I´ve been in the mission for like 6 months now, and it has gone by so fast! It´s awesome, though. The food here for the Navidad or for Christmas was delicious. There is a tradicional food called bacalo(or something like that) that is kind of like tuna fish with nuts and chile peppers, soudns gross, but it is really good, and romeritos(meat stuff, I don´t know how to describe, but google does, and it is really good) and some other food, that I don´t remember, but it was good. I am so excited to be here in this area, in the lord´s work at this time, I know this is where I was meant to go, and the church is true, the atonement is real, the work is progressing forward, And I am so thankful for your thoughts and prayers on my behalf. I hope that everyone has a happy new year and takes the time to reflect and evaluate what to do better next year. That´s all for now, more next week,

Love, Elder Limb

P.S. The son of Carlos already told us he wants to be baptized, it´s pretty awesome, 26th of january, I´m excited, and next week is transfers, so i will let you know where I will be, maybe I will stilll be here in Nativitas, but the mission address, to write letters is always the same. I´m so grateful for the tender mercies of teh Lord, and I have felt many miracles, I wish I mad more time to tell you guys all of them, but that´s all the time I´ve got, hasta la proxima semana