Monday, February 25, 2013

hello everyone, another week, another update in the life and mission of Elder Daniel Limb. WEll, this week, some pretty significant things have happened, the Lord is accelerating the work, and has created new missions, this means that my mission will be divided to form the mexico city, mexico, chalco mission, so I might be transferred into that mission, I will let you know when I know. Also, I love my new area, it is an area called REforma, and there is a lot of work here to do,

I have my first mexican companion, and we are working hard, this week, we were able to put two baptisimal dates for 17th of MArch! ONe of the investigators is Karina, it was so cool teaching her, because she has already listened to the missionaries in the past, her sister was baptized one year ago, but she told me and my companion that after the second lesson, she felt like she had known us for a lot more time, she felt the spirit so strong, and told us the she wants to be baptized, it was a lesson where the spirit was so strong, and it is a testimony to me, that the Lord has put me and my companion(Elder Escobedo) in this area of Reforma in this moment, because the Lord is preparing people to be taught and to accept the gospel, I am so excited for March 17th!

Also, this week I had a pretty cool experience as well, my companion and I went to eat with a member, but the member wasn´t home, so we went back to our apartment to look for something to eat, when we were walking back, a lady stopped us and said that she has been looking for some spiritual strength, and that she hasn´t been able to find it in her church, so she wanted to talk to us, because she alwasy sees us passing by, it was just a matter of time until she was prepared to have the courage to talk to us, we will be working with her this coming week, I hope that she continues to have the same interest and keeps progressing to the truth.

Also, the members in the ward of REforma are pretty great, they help me to feel welcome in my new ward where I am serving, it´s different being in a new area, but I know that it is where the Lord wants me to be, so i am excited to keep working and doing what the Lord wants me to do.

Another investigator, Juanita, will also be baptized 17th of MArch, she had been praying to find the truth, and then one day, the other missionaries of another area, contacted her and passed her information to us here, and we are working with her, and she is so ready to be baptized, she has so much faith, and has told us more than once that she already knows that this is the true church, because she can feel a feeling here that she can´t feel in any other place, and I know it is true, the Lord is advancing his work, and I am grateful for the chance to be a part of it. The book of mormon is awesome, and this week, a scripture that has given me a lot of help´(and helpto my investigators and less active members) is Moroni 7:33 I invite all of you to read and ponder this scripture, the work of the lOrd, baptisms, reactivation is expedient, and it will move forward, if we have faith, we will receive the power, this is my invitation to all of you, that you increase your faith theat the Lord is preparing people with whom to share the gospel, I have seen it here in my mission and i know it is true in every part of the world, thanks for keeping my in your thoughts and prayers,, I will give another update next week of how the work is going here in REforma, thanks again, Elder Limb, signing out..... Hasta luego

Friday, February 15, 2013

Another week is in the books of the missionary life of Elder Limb, and this week, there are some good reports that are about to come your way.

This week, we have continued to work with Carlos and his mom, and his son, and things are going really great. One thing that Carlos has told us is that the gospel has brought him closer to his mom, before they never really talked, even though they live in the same house, but because of the gospel, they are t+now talking, and Carlos is sharing the gospel with his mom who is 87 years old, and she is accepting the teaching very well, it´s just a little bit complicated to bring her to church because she is so old, and can´t get out of her house very easily, but I have faith that everything will work out for the good.

This week, my companion and I taught like 31 lessons, it was a busy week. One of the cool experiences I had this week was when we went to the estetica(barbershop) where we can get our hair cut for free to talk with the member who owns the place, and we had a great lesson about the atonement and the importance of the gospel, and my testimony was strengthened because of what she told me. She told me that she knows missionaries are called of God because she has been able to see my progress, how I have learned spanish so fast and how I have learned how to teach the gospel, it was a testimony strengthener to me, I know that I have been called of God and that I have the help of God as I am righteous and as I am humble, thanks to Heavenly FAther, I have been able to learn spanish fast and to learn how to teach as well. It was awesome, her testimony was also strengthened, and she wants to go to church every week and learn more about the gospel.

Oh yeah, this week, I experience half of a bible bash, we were walking and there was a Christian who wanted to come and talk about why the book of mormon wasn´t true with us, he was reading a lot of bible scriptures and saying a lot of things, attacking the beliefs of the church, at first I wanted to show him scriptures in the bible and bible bash back, but then I felt that I shouldn´t, so I just bore my testimony that I know the book of mormon is true and that Joseph Smith restored the gospel, I learned a lot, it isn´t worth our time as missionaries to go around fighting about the bible and stuff, but rather to just share testimony and invite others to find out for themselves, for this reason, it was only half of a bible bash, this man wanted to bible bash with us, but I knew it would be a waste of time for both of us, so I didn´t do it, and I am glad I didn´t.. Then we got to teach one of my converts Rocio, she was in the hospital for like 2 months and has now returned back to church, and I am so glad, her testimony is still strong and it always strengthens my testimony to see her desire to learn more about the gospel and about the church.

And this week, I have had the oppurtunity to eat plenty of mangos, mangos are the best food on earth, they taste so good! And there are so many here in MExico, and they are cheap, it doesn´t get better than that.Also, we had a pretty cool experience this week with putting in practice the principles that are found in preach my gospel, we were studying this week as a companionship how to find new investigators, and we found that one of the things that it suggests is that we talk with old investigators who have stopped investigating the church for one reason or another, it also said that sometimes the reasons why investigators stop to investigate the church is because missionaries have changes and the new missiories don´t go to visit that person, we found this to be true, we passed by asome old investigators and asked them why the missionaries stopped going to visit her, and she told us that it was because the missionaries had changes, yup, it was awesome, and now we have an appointment with her, well that´s all for this week. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. Love, Elder Daniel Limb

Monday, February 4, 2013

This week, was.......awesome. Want to knowwhy? It was because this week, my companion and I had the blessing and oppurtunity to go to a devotional in the mtc by the temple of mexico city, and, not only was it cool to be theere, but also, there was Elder Russel m. Nelson of the quorum of the 12 apostoles who came and talked to all the mexico city missions, it was an experience I will never forger, being in the same room as an apostle, it was like the coolest thing that I have ever felt, just knowing that he is an apostle and that I had the oppurtunity to listen to him is awesome, and it increased my testimony, and helped me to understand more about who I really am, he talkedabout how the missionaries have been called to fullfill with an eternal purpose, and that the Lord will help us, it was awesome experience. Also, something pretty cool, in the ward where I am serving, there is a member, and she is 93 years old! She comes to church everyweek, and that ispretty awesome for me, definitely an example to follow. Oh yeah, one thing that is cool about mexico, is that there is this cheese, in spanish it is called Queso Oaxaca, It is like string cheese, but like 1000 times better, It is so good, a member gave us like 1 pound of it to eat, I´m excited to eat more now haha

One other cool spiritual experience this week that happened, that strengthened my testimony to help me know that the Lord really does put people in the path of the missionaries to serve. This week, one day we were walking from a cancelled appointment, and we were going to visit some more less active members, and when we were walking, a young lady started yelling"elders, elders" when someone yells elders in mexico, you automatically turn your ears with excitement, but she came and told us that she needed someome to give her a blessing, so my companion and I gave her a blessing, and she told us that the stuff that my companion said(he gave the blessing) was exactly what she needed to hear, and the spirit was so strong there, and I knowthat that appointment got cancelled for a reason, it was so that we could give that blessing to this member of the church who needed that guidance and counsel that can come through means of the priesthood.

Also, I ate lentil soup here the other day, and I like itmore here, in spanish it is called "Lentejas" it tastes better haha, I lovethe food here, Well, thanks for your thoughts and prayers, I love youall, and that´s all for this week, I´ve got to go, thanks again, Love, Elder Daniel Limb