Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello Everybody, today, January 21, 2012, is my 200th day in the mission, and wow how time flies by, but I love it. to start off, I would like to explain what I got to do this day, my pday, today, I had the oppurtunity to go downtown, and wow, it is huge!!!! Like literally 8 times larger than Salt Lake City downtown, I also got to go to a museum of mummies, that was pretty cool, it is pretty cool in downtown mexico, it´s definitely one of a kind of a place, but it´s pretty awesome.

And, we have one investigator with a date for baptism, the son of Carlos, Rodrigo, is so excited about lerarning the gospel, and we already have a date for his baptism. I´m pretty excited, I hope that everything will be good with that baptism. And, this week, I had the oppurtunity to teach Carlos Rios again, it was so cool! He is so interested in studying the gospel, and he is already giving us suggestions to improve the missionary work here in Nativtas, I´m pretty excited for him. He is reading every day, and studying like crazy, he is pretty much like one of the smartest people I have ever met, he understands Einstein, and now, he is beginning to understand the gospel, and that is even more awesome, I´m excited to see his process, for that reason, i wouldn´t mind being here in Nativitas another six weeks, but we´ll see what happens when there are changes. Also, more information on Carlos Rios, we are still teaching his mom, and she is 87 years old, but can´t see very well, so she has been listening to the book of mormon on CD and she remembers everything perfectly! She can´t go to church though because it is too cold in the morning for her to leave, she wants to be baptized, but we have to wait until MArch or April, when she can leave easier, but still, I really hope that her health will permit her to be baptized and go to church, because she is pretty much awesome. Also, there is really cool experience that I had that i want to tell you guys real quick, Here it comes.

So, my companion and I needed to hurry to get to an appointment, because we were in another appointment longer than expected, so we decided to take a micr(a small bus) which normall costs 8 pesos for both of us, so we were waiting for the bus, it came, we signaled it that we wanted to ride, and it came, and we got on, and I tried to pay, but the driver wouldn´t let me, my companion couldn´t pay either, and I´m pretty sure it was because he saw the name of Jesus Christ on our nametags, because he was listing to spanish christian rock music about how Jesus Christ is our Savior and stuff, so I´m pretty sure he didn´t make us pay because of that, it was pretty awesome, Its so cool to me how even nonmembers of the church can still recognize what missionaries represent, to me that is a testimony to the importance and the truth of this work that I have a blessing to be apart of, it´s pretty much, fantastic!. And yeah, that´s about all for this week, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, Love you all! Love, Elder Daniel Limb

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