Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello Everyone, Another week in Mexico has passed by. This week, we had an awesome experience, we invited this family of three to be baptized, two of them accepted. This lesson was so spiritually powerful, because in the first lesson, they told us that they didn't want anything to do with baptism, but with time, and with the help of the spirit, two of them the father and the son, agreed to be baptized! This isn't even the best part. WE invited this same family to come to church, they said yes, which is awesome, because we've only been teaching them for like 3 weeks. So we went to pick them up in the morning, and we realized that we didn't want to walk all the way there, or use a taxi because it's expensive. But, the dad of this family is a delivery truck driver, so he had his huge truck. What was awesome, was that he was dressed in his Sunday best, he had afull suit, and everything, it was pretty awesome, also his weife, we didn't even explain about the process or what to wear, or nothing, but they were prepared. And what was cool, was that we went to church with him, he drove us in his work van, it was pretty sweet, there is a lot of hope for them. The other thing that I want to talk about, is a revelation, that the area 70s of mexico received. From now on, we are not allowed to knock doors, unless prompted by the spirit, or to contact in the street unless prompted by the spirit. WE will be working 100 percent with the members, we have to teach each member the first lesson, and ask for their family that aren't members to teach them, and we have to visit all the elss active members, which is good. Because here in mexico, this is the problem, it's easy to baptize and find people, but to truly convert converts is hard, that is my invitation to you guys, to become truly converted so as to never fall away. so we will finally be doing missionary work how the Lord wants us to do it, this was the reason why the success had been lower, but now, the wards will grow, and more chapels will be needed, I know that this revelation is from God, and I'm excited to work with the members. Just knowing that now we have the oppurtunity to do the lord's work how he wants it, is exciting, more success will be manifested, and more lasting converts, through the families and friends of the members. Also, this week, I had to use my sewing kit for the first time, I had no idea how to sew on a button, but I figured it out, I was pretty proud of myself. That's all for this week, Thanks for keeping me in your prayers and thoughts, I'll write more next week, , Adios, hasta luego, Elder Limb

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