Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the one thing that I can´t buy here is american stamps, it would be awesome to receive some, even if it´s just a letter full of stamps, thanks so much for writing me this week, this week, I don´t have much time to write, so please forgive me for the shortness of this letter, and yes, I remember musical time, so many things to do. I do use a planner, and it is more productive, I love you too mom, thanks for everything you do. One really, really cool experience that I had this week is this: so i finished one transfer in the mission, my companion is district leader, so we had to go to the transfer meeting, i was assigned by the assistants to the president to share a thought from preach my gospel and missionary manual, so i did, but after I finished, my mission president grabbed me and congratulated me in front of everyone for my dilligence in learning and studying, he said that I was an example, it felt so awesome, he told everyone that i only had 6 weeks in the mission and they were all surprised, but I know taht i have only been able to learn through the help of the Lord, with out his help, none of this would be possible, the gift of tongues is real, I have felt it, and it is awesome, to be able to express myself, how I need to to teach, that feeling in front of all of the missionaries in the mission, was just awesome, I know that I am in the right mission for me, it is just such an awesome feeling, that day forward, I commited myself to always live worthy of the praise that I received, to act like an experienced missionary, and work hard to continually imporve spanish, I´m really close to understanding all and being able to explain myself, but yeah, that was the cooles experience of the week, next week I´ll write more, Love, your son, elder Daniel Limb

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