Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hola Everyone, Once again, another week has passed by in Mexico. This week was pretty awesome, I´m just going to jump right in and start to explain what happened this week.

Before I get too carried away, I want to talk about the coolest thing that happened this week, well one of them, but the things that I learend the most from. This is it, be prepared. This week, we had our zone conference for the zone of Ermita for the mission, and we had a member from the quorum of the 70 come and speak to us, and his wife too. Elder Benjamin De Hoyos came and toured our whole mission, and it was just such a spiritual experience, especially hearing his testimony, because he is a special witness of the Savior Jesus Christ. One thing that was really really awesome though, that impacted me a lot was the talk that his wife gave to us. She talked about reading in the book of mormon, some facts about translation and stuff. Here I will provide some of the facts that I learned. The bible was translated by 50 "learned" men, they translated 1 page everyday, it took them 7 years to finish the bible completely. The book of mormon was translated in 85 days, approximately 10 pages each day, by one man, Joseph Smith. This book is the most correct book, and when you read it you will become closer to God than by anyother book, so that was the challenge that she gave to our mission. To read the book of mormon in 85 days, but this time while reading it, we have to mark every name of the SAvior, or every reference to the savior Jesus christ, so that when we introduce this book to investigators, we can flip the book, and they can see the countless numbers of references to the savior Jesus Christ, and know that it really is another testament of Jesus Christ, this impacted me a lot, and I really want to do this challenge, and I would like to challenge all of you to do the same thing, I have only been reading for like 4 days, but already i have gained a greater appreciation and my testimony of the book of mormon has been strengthened of the savior Jesus Christ, that is my challenge for you guys, 85 days to finishe a blank copy of the book of mormon and mark every reference to the savior. Also, hearing the testimony of Elder Benjamin De Hoyos at the end was powerful, I could feel the power behind his testimony, and it strengthened my testimony. I know that this is a lot of stuff on my zone conference, but it was pretty spiritually powerful.

The next thing that I want to talk about is this new revelation that I kind of mentioned in my last email, how we can´t knock on doors and our contacts are limited to when the spirit tells us to go and contact. So, we have been working a lot harder to reactivate and work with less actives, and members, and still the investigators that we already had before this revelation, but yeah, and I am bout to describe a pretty awesome experience that we had with this experience. So Saturday, there was an investigator that we already had, and he was sick, so we couldn´t teach him. So we had this other "menos activo" less active member, who was in our area book, she was baptized six years ago, and hadn´t gone to church for like 5 years and 8 months. So we knocked on her door, and things just starting being awesome, oh yeah, her name is Maria, but we were working with her, we had a strong lesson, the spirit was there, and she told us that she needed to go to church, we gave her a book of mormon so that she could read the book of mormon again, and invited her to go to church. She told us that she would be there, and she was. And at church on Sunday, she was telling the gospel principles class(class for investigators and less active members) that it was a miracle that we came at that moment, because we were talking about the holy ghost and that she said that she knew that the spirit had prompted us to go and visit her, and we also asked her if she knows anyone that would benefit from our message and she said yes, and so this week, we have an appointment with her again, and hopefully her friend. She also gave us a little tiny plant, and some food, so it was pretty awesome, and she was excited because her prayers had been answered, and now, we are going to work with her to help reactive her and her family again.

One more thing, This past week in Mexico was a holiday, called Day of the dead, it was two days, november 1 and november 2. It´s pretty cool, the people of mexico remember the lives of their ancessestors and it is pretty cool. And... spanish isn´t giving me hardly any problems, I can understand 95 percent, I understand the grammar, it´s just vocabularly now that I have to learn. And, I have learned to love the food, that´s one thing that is difficult for me to do , to remember the names of the foods. I have eaten a variety of foods, all really good, and I don´t know that names of any of them, but just so you know, it´s good, it´s spicy, and I love it, even pizza is different here. Also, this is a surprise to me, but it is actually pretty cold here in Mexico City, it´s been raining and the climate will get colder still, I guess it´s because mexico city is elevated higher than utah, its like 9000 feet or something like that, but yeah, i actually had to buy a sweater to stay warm. But things are going great, it´s basically like Utah in like March/April without the snow, but yeah, I love it, I have adjusted to city life.And I love being here as a missionary, representing the Lord Jesus Christ, doing missionary work, I´ve seen miracles, and I know that I am protected because there have been some pretty scary stories that I have heard about Mexico City, Next week, if you want, I will answer any more questions that you have, but that´s all I have for now. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, and keep being awesome, I´ll write more next week,

hasta luego, Love, Elder Daniel Limb

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