Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hola everbody! This week was crazy, let me just start by explaining that, this week, I experienced an earthquake. don`t worry, it wasn`t anything big or anything, but still. this past week, there was a big earthquake in Guatamala, and here in Mexico City, I could feel it. I was in my apartment with my companion studying, and the building started to shake, it was weird, because i wasn`t moving, but at the same time I was. Don`t worry though, everything is all good, it was just a small one in mexico city, but still, it was interesting.

Also this week, another miracle was experienced by Elder Beatty and me here in our area of Nativitas. WE were visitng this less active member, she hadn`t been to church in six years. We went to her house for an appointment, and visited with her, she asked us if we were cold at night(because believe it or not, here in mexico city, it gets cold at night) and we told her that we were, so... she went to her room and brought us a bag with 5 huge warm, heavenly blankets. The one that I have has a lion on it, it is pretty dang sweet if I do say so myself, and i do. And on top of that, she also gave us 8 ties, and told us that she would give us more ties. She was so glad to have the missionaris back in her home,and now, we are working with her family, her husband and kids. I`m pretty excited to see them progress.

One more thing this week, we were visiting with another less active family, and the head of the family, Hector, was a little sick, so we were asked to give him a blessing. After we taught them a lesson on faith as a matter of fact, his wife asked if we could give a blessing. It was my turn to give the blessing,and I was extrememly nervous because 1 it`s in spanish 2. I don`t have much experience giving blessings 3. The spanish prounous are different when giving a blessing,it`s kind of hard to explain, but yeah, it`s different than when you are speakingk, it`s kind of liek using thee and thou instead of you or something and 4. It`s in spanish... But, I know that as an Elder, I have the priesthood to do so, and whether in english or spanish, it`s the same. So I started giving the blessing, and i only made one mistake with my spanish! Just one tiny mistake, the words just came to me, and it was definitely a testimony builder to me of the power of the priesthood.

An extra addition to this weekly letter, this week, was stake conference. It was all in spanish(of course) but there were speakers from the 70 speaking spanish, and also Elder Scott was speaking spanish too, it was by satelite broadcast. But, one thing I really want to share with you guys, What is the most quoted scripture in the church? IOf you said 1 nephi 3:7 I will go and do,........you would be wrong. It isn`t <moses 1:39 either. If you said 1 nephi 1:1 "I nephi having been born of goodly parents" you would also be wrong, however, this is the most read scripture haha. But, the answer is the sacramente prayer. EAch week, in every lds church throughout the world, this scripture is quoted, word for word, and it`s because it is so important, remember the significance and blessing of having the sacrament each week.

Also, Friday, we taught a lot of lessons! ÇThe most in all of my mission! 4 lessons without a member present, and 3 with a member, all of our appointments were there. And the member who was with us in the lesson, brought two investigators who we were teaching with him to the stake conference. It was aweome! And the investigators told us that they would return next week for the regular sacrament meeting. There is so much work to do here in Nativitas, but I love it, and I am working hard. I can`t believe it, I`m almost done with my "training" two weeks more and I will officially not be a "greenie" and there is a chance that I will get to train a new missioanry, but I don`t think I`ll be ready, my spanish is pretty good, everyone tells me that it is, but I sitll have a lot to improve. random fact of the day, spanish word for cool= padre. For example, "Que padre" here in mexico, means, that`s cool or how cool. I just felt liek teaching you guys one word for this week. Today, for P day, we went bowling again, it was super fun.

I hope all is well at home, keep me updated with how things go, that`s all for this week, Love, Elder Daniel Limb

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I`m doing great, thanksfor asking. Obedience, is definitely very important, without it, we have nothing. FAith is a big subject, but that makes it easier, because you can go at all

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