Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alright, this is my last email in the United States of America, on Monday I will be in Mexico!!!

Here is my address in Mexico, I would love to receive some letters, even if they''re only short, every little letter means so much and has helped me so much.

Elder Daniel Ian Limb

México México City South Mission

Av. Progreso 106, 3* Piso

Barrio Santa Catarina, Coyoacán

04010 México, Distrito Federal


This week has been so awesome! WE had infield orientaion yesterday, which was just awesome! It was basically like an alll day spiritual feast, I learned so much about how to do missionary work and how to find investigators and how to work with the members. I´´m excited but also a little scared, because the first Sunday that I´´m there, I will have to bare my testimony and speak in front of the whole ward in spanish, I hope I don´t accidentaly say something bad or anything like that haha, my spanish has gotten a lot better though, but I sometimes mess up on words and they sound like other words, but I know that the most important thing is that I teach by and with the spirit, and that is what I am going to do. It´s so crazy to think that I am leaving on Monday, but I´m ready, 9 weeks in the mtc is a long time! One really important thing that I really learned about was the importance of having faith, you have to have faith to do miracles, and faith that the Lord will help you in your work. Another thing that is muy importante es tener un positive attitude. Having a positive attitude is very important, if you have a positive attitude, miracles are so much more likely to happen. Just today, elder Baker and I had an awesome lesson, it was with a member, she had a great story about receiving revelation through the scriptures, because that was what we were teaching about. I feel pretty confident about my teaching skills now, I have gotten better, there is still so much more that I need to improve on, but I am ready to do it. I am so grateful for the oppurtunity that I have to be a missionary, and I have already felt the Lord´s help and love in my time at the mtc, he has helped me to get through times of frustration with the language and just times when I´ve needed a pick me up or something, but prayer really helps. Also, the devotional this past Tuesday was awesome, it was by Elder Perkins of the seventy, it was pretty sweet, he talked about the importance of being positve and to just have no fear and just go at the ¡missionary work and do the best that you can do, and he also talked about how we can help investigators come unto Christ. I´m excited for my flight though, and my two hour layover in TExas, because I bought 100 pass along cards from the mtc book store, and I´m gonna try to give out all of them, I´m so excited, hopefully at least one person will accept the message and who knows, maybe they´´ll join the church, that wouldl be just awesome

I´m so excited to go on Monday, and I´ll do my best to keep you guys updated on the mission, but I know that I´ll be way busy with mission work, but I´ll try my best

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