Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey family, things are going great righ tnow, I had my my first baptism this past Saturday, i was nervous though because all of it has to be in spanish, all of the words and it has to be perfect, but I did it! And there is no other feeling that is better than a baptism, knowing that I have helped someone to come unto Christ and receive the blessings of the atonement. WE had another lesson with Alfonso, but this time things didn´t go so well, he had some strange questions, we gave him a pamphlet of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he told us that he can´t be baptized because his nose is different, or something like that, all these weird questions. I hope that things will turn out well with him though, he has his agency though, all we can do is keep on teaching to the best of our ability. Spanish is getting better too, I´m starting to learn how to teach, and how to listen. The food is great, I am enjoying it so much, it is a little spicy, okay a lot spicy, but I´m starting to like this spicy food. Still though, the coolest thing, was that we invited all of the ward to come to this baptism of two of our investigators, and the whole ward, basically was there, it is always awesome when the ward shows support to converts. One of the converts who my companion baptized, Carlos, is 12 and next sunday he will get to receive the priesthood, he is so excited to receive it. I got to baptize Melanie, his older sister, they were so excited. The ward is so awesome here, we had a ward activity about family history, and they invited us(this was right after the baptism) and there was some good food there, hamburgers, they were delicious! It was just like being in a bbq back home.

Benjamin, I hope that things go good for you with your new crazy schedule, but yeah, just keep praying and studying the xcriptures and working hard and everything will work out well. Here, in mexico city, there are always tons of people in the streets, so we usually just do street contacting, we haven{t received many referrals from members, but we´re working on it. We also knock doors, and this is fun, because you have to be creative, one approach that I tried that was fun, went like this, we knocked the door, the people who answer always say "Quien" (Who) and I said, we are here to give you money, she answered the door and I started to explain that it was spiritual money, that it was worth a lot more than all of the money put together in the world, she took our passalong card, but we didn´t get an appointment with her, I´ll have to try this tactic another time though, it´s fun. If you say you are missionaries, they usually don´t want to listen or will say they don´t have time, so it´s fun to be creative to try and get them to answer the door, and sometimes they want to learn more

This week, we found someone awesome, hopefully she will get baptized, but we started talking to her, and she said that she only believes in God, that she doesn´t believe in any religion because there are people who don´t live their religions, we actually had a lesson with ehr, and have another appointment with her, she said that she felt warm and good inside during our lesson, we explained that this is the holy ghost and that we are here to help her, because she had been looking for something, it was awesome, but she has her agency, we will keep working with her to invite her to be baptized.

Today, in the morning, we got the chance to go bowling for a Pday activity with the rest of my district, this was so fun, I´m starting to feel like I belong in Mexico, i only have 3 weeks here, but i am learning to love it, and enjoy it. it´s also fun to ride the metro(subway) you always see interesting people there, I wish i had time to tell more about the people that I saw.

The work is going great, we have two investigators who will be baptized this saturday, so I´m way excited for that, and the week after that is general conference, thank good ness I get to watch it in english haha, writing in spánish is difficult for me, but I´m getting better at listening. I can´t believe that my first transfer is almost up, two more weeks, time flies by, especially when you are working hard, and that is what me and my companion have been doing. There are so many people here to teach, the members are so nice, they feed us every day, and I´ve had oppurtunities to try all kinds of food, to be honest, half the time i can´t even remember what the food is called, but I love it. I love seeing investigatros progress, as they accept the gospel and gain their own testimony. This is one thing that makes up for every time that I´ve been rejected, but seeing the one investigator progress and accept the gospel makes up for the other rejections. I don´t have time to say much more, and mom, I received your pouch mail letter, but I don´t have much time to write hand written letters, I´ll try to get some, maybe this next week, the work here is busy, we´re working hard, and I love it. I have felt so much help from the Lord in my teaching, learning of spanish, and finding. I love missionary work, I know I only have 3 months in the mission, but it feels like longer, and I´m going to work hard every day, to enjoy every second of my mission, thanks for writing me, I really appreciate it, keep me updated on how life is going. Next week I´ll write more, if you guys would like, I´ll answer any questions that you have, thanks so much for your love, support, and prayers

Love, Elder Daniel Limb

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