Friday, August 24, 2012

It''s hard for me to send my email to two emails, because I only have 30 minutes in the MTC, plus I have a lot to say, so I might not answer alll of your questions in the alloted time for me. First of all, I have some excellent news!!!!!!!!!!! I got my visa!!!! I''m so excited, I have my travel plans, I will be leaving form salt lake to mexico city on a direct flight September thir at like 8 in the morning, I''m so excited, but that's noteven the best part. The best part was how I got my visa, here it comes, get excited. so, it''s Tuesday and me and Elder BAker are doing service, when Elder BAker sees one of his friends who is going to the same mission as us, and his friend tells him that he has to go all the way to Boise just to get his visa. So, me and Elder Baker ran to the travel office and sure enough, we also were on that same trip. I have so much to say about this little trip, especially because we actually got to spend the night in Boise, with the Boise missionaries! It was just so cool, it got me ready to go ou tin the field, but I stilll have 9 days more, so tell everyone to use while they still can, before I get into Mexico. But yeah, want to know the crazy part, we got to take an airplane there, but wait it gets better, we actually flew from Salt ""Lake City, to Oakland California! And we had an hour layover there, and then we flew from Oakland to Boise! It was so awesome, I got to try placing a book of mormon at the airport, but I got rejected like 7 times.... but it was still an awesome learning experience, it was just so crazy when I found out that I was actuallly goin to the consulate in Boise to sign for my visa, but I have it, I''m beyond excitement. Once we got to Boise, two senior missionaries picked us up at the Boise airport, it was so awesome! They were so nice, they took us out to lunch at a pizza buffet, it was so weird being in the ""real world'' again haha, it felt weird because there were televisions and music in the airport and stuff, but it was so fun, this pizza restaurant was so delicious!! I loved it, it was such an awesome trip, it was especially coo,l because I have never been to Boise and it''s been so long since I flew in a plane, but we flew over lake taho, it was just so cool. Another awesome thingswas, that after wer got our visas, the senior couple took us out to dinner as well!! They took us to this place, westside Drive in, it was so delicious! The fries were heavenly and the burger was amazing, it was so cool, best experience in the mtc by far was this week, with this boise trip and the fact that an apostle came and spoke to us on Tuesday, the night before me and Elder BAker had to leave for the airport at like 4 in th emorning, but Elder Andersen came and talked, and he said some really cool things, which inspired me to becopme abetter missionary. But seriously, the trip to Boise was so fun, I actually went with 6 other elders, 5 of which(including my companion) are going to the same smission in Mexico as me, and I get along awesome with all of them, so oit would be cool to be their companions I think. It was so cool though talking to people on the airplane, I got to go on 4 different flights, in two days, I''m kind of plane sick haha, because my ears pop funny and stuff, but it was still so cool and so surprising to go all the way to Boise just to get my visa. Oh yeah, one of the coolest things was that we were in the airport at Oakland and we decided to buy jamba juices, so we were waiting in line and someone comes up to us(he was a member) and says here, this one is on me and he gave us 24$ to spend on jamba juice, which was awesome, the mtc actually gave us 30$ money for food, but we didn''t even need all of it, because of this nice awesome memberin Oakland, and also because of those wonderful senior missionaries. Missionaries really do receive blessings, and lots of people know who you are. Tons of members in the airport came up to us and asked us where we were going for our missions or if we were going home, it was kind of funny when we had to tell them the whole story, that we actuallly were going back to the mtc, that we just needed to get our visas... but it was cool with all the members that talked to us on the planeand at the airport. I really wish I could tell you everything, but I don''t have sufficient time, so I'll just keep on babbling on and on about the Boise trip. But to answer one of your questions real fast, yes I do sing in the mtc choir and I love it, music is a great way to invite the spirit and to feel great. My spanish is improving, and it was weird trying to explain the book of mormon in english for me, because I have gotten so used to using it in spanish and teaching in spanish, some of the english gospel words are starting to disappear from my mind and get replaced by spanish ones hahaha, but yes this trip was so fun,m it was weird coming back to the mtc, I feel like I should be going to the field right now, I''m ready(except for my spanish) but it was so exciting, staying with the Boise missionaries was cool because I got to watch them plan and talk about their day, and then they gave me advice and talked to me about their mission and it was just great. Oh and by the way, the plan that we flew in was Southwest Airlines, it was cool, it was funny when I first got the airport thrugh, because of all the music and news around me and stuff, but we met some aweome people, like a guy named roy who is 19 who came up to us because he had been ta king the discussions in texas, he is actuallly getting baptized soon, but he came up to us and talked to us about how he appreciated us and stuff, and it was so fun and so spiritually uplifting, I love being a missionary! I can''t wait to get in the field. This is the last week of the mtc for me, but I am going to make the most out of it, and I''m going to learn a lot, one thing that will be hard for me is to say goodbye to one of our ""investigators'' here at the mtc because it feels so real, and we have actually became good friends, and we only have one more lesson with him today, which I am excited for , because he already had his ""baptisim'', at least there would have been one if we were in the field... it still feels so real though, but I was so happy to teach him yesterday, and I am loving everything right now about being a missionary, i still miss yo u guys and would love to hear from you soon, but I am 100 percent focused and am going to do my best to deliver the message of the atonement of jesus Christ to all the world. It was crazy having the layover all the way in Oakland, but it was awesome, I got to get some real infield experience, one guy I thought would accept the book of mormon, but he said he wasn''t interested, I was sad inside because I know what happpiness the book of mormon can bring into someone''s life and I want to share it with everyone! But we had a great conversation and maybe I planted a seed, who knows. Man, time flies by though, that trip was so fast, we left wednesday morning for oakland-boise, and then thursday morning, we left for boise-oakland-salt lake. It was so weird driving along I-15 back to the mtc though, seeing all the billboards and all the changes and stuff, but I know that I shouldn''t worry about all that, because my purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, and not to have any other worries about anything. It was a nice trip though, I learned a lot, and I learned alot from Elder Andersen, who spoke abou tthe importance of following the prophet, and that if we do follow the prophet, we will receive blessings and be protected as missionaries. I hope things are going well at home and I'm sorry I was''nt able to anser all of your questions, but I just wanted to talk about my trip to Oakland/Boise. WE got to drive by the boise temple. it''s almost done and also go into the mission home in Boise. I had so much fun there, I get a little airplane sick, but esta bien. I also can now pretty much start to think in spanish, sometimes I''ll speak spanish when I should have spoken english, like at the airport, I spoke in spanish when I ordered my food at the jamba juice(we went twice) and it was cool. Still, my favorite part was all the members who came up and said how much they appreciated my choice to serve a mission, it was such an uplifting experience for me to know, that even though I faced rejection from some people in the airport, that I am not alone. That I always have the spirit to be with me, that''s one thing that Elder Andersen talked about, we have to do our duty and we will find all happiness and blessings that we need. I have been keeping my journal updated, I actually am almost done with one! I bought another one in the mtc, and will probably get another one before I leave, it is so cool out here in the mtc, and just going to boise was so awesome, I''m sorry I can''t tell you everything, and if my thoughts are really scattered and stuff, but there is so much I wish to say, but yes, i will be goign to Mexico on time and will be calling from the airport that monday morning at like 7:30 or something like that, so enjoy your day and remember me in your thoughts and prayers

Love, Elder Limb

p.s. thanks for the letters and everything don''t forget to write

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