Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dear family, things in Mexico are so busy! Missionary work is busy, but I love it, i have learned so much in such a short period of time, i know that I am not perfect, but I sure try my best. This week, i have a really awesome awesome, beyond awesome story that I want to tell to you all, it goes like this:

So this week, saturday the 15th of september( a holiday in Mexico) we were out tracting, me and my companion, and we had a back up plan to teach a man named alfonso, he was under the list of future investigators, so we had no idea what to think about when we showed up to teach him. But, our first lesson, our actual plan didn´t fall through, so we went to teach Alfonso, we didn´t know if he would be home or not, but he was home, and here is where the story literally gets awesome. Alfonso started off by greeting us by saying, i already read the book of mormon, it´s confusing and it isn´t true. We weren´t sure where to go from here, but he kept babbling on and to be honest I didn´t understand everything that he said, but I understood the majority of it. But eventually, me and my companion asked him how he knows these things, and he said he just does, so we asked him if he had prayed, he said that he hadn´t.... there´s the reason why he doesn´t know that it´s true, but anyways, I´ll continue with the story. So he said that he hadn´t prayed, and that he didn´t feel worthy to pray, because he felt like God was punishing him because he has a heart problem or something like that, but we got teaching him and he really didn´t believe that God loved him, at all. So, I started baring my testimony, and the spirit helped me to say what he needed to hear, and hear is where the cool part of the story is. My companion started talking, and he´s awesome by the way, but he started teaching and he also bore his testimony and taught Alfonso that heavenly father really does love him, and then, the cool part comes. Alfonso said, and I quote: "How is it that you can know the thoughts in my heart and mind" it was just like the story of Ammon and King Lamoni, he then asked if me and my companion were apostles, we said no, but we have been called by a prophet and apostle of God to come to this country, more specifically to your home Alfonso, to teach you a message, to tell you that there are things on this earth that you need to do before you can prepare to meet God again after this life, that even though you have a heart problem, that there is still time for us to help you. Then he asked both of us to offer a pray in his house, which was good because we started teaching at his door step, but my companion prayed and then I prayed, and our prayers were very similar, and then he decided to pray. Which was a miracle, because at the beginning of the lesson, he said that he was unworthy to pray and stuff like that, but he prayed and the spirit was so strong during that lesson, I literally can understand why I am called here, because there are people like Alfonso that need the gospel, to help them understand their purpose in life, why they are here, where they are going, what they need to do, and stuff like that. We have another appointment with Alfonso this week, and I am hoping and praying that he chooses to get baptized, because he needs to, and if he does, this will be the coolest story ever, I´m telling you it was just like in the book of mormon, it was awesome, and I want to help Alfonso to understand the gospel.  Well, there you have it, that is the story that was just awesome that I just had to tell this week, I literally love being a missionary here in Mexico, it´s hard, but I love it, and I am going to do my best to be a good missionary, to live for every second of my mission, and right now, I´m so excited to teach.

The food here is different, this week, I tried grasshopper..... no surprise, but it tasted like dried up grass with lemon flavor, it was weird... but yeah I like the food for the most part, they actually have a walmart here, so most of my breakfast and stuff is pretty much american food, like cereal and stuff like that. But the cool thing is that here in Mexico City, the church is pretty strong, there are enough members where we have a pretty large chapel, and as missionaries, we get to have food with the members every day, one meal a day, and they usually feed us good! I have tried so many new foods, I can´t even remember the names of them, but I haven´t gotten sick yet, which has been a surprise, but I´m, loving it.

The people in Mexico are so nice, they are just awesome, they are so willing to listen, there´s a word in mexico that is kind of like a magic word I guess you could say, the word is "disculpe" which basically means excuse me, but when you say this to someone, they will stop and listen, no matter who you are, and a lot of the time they are interested to know where they will be going after this life. It´s different in America, but here in mexico, everybody is willling to listen, which is awesome. But yeah, they are so nice, and patient with my spanish haha, but to be honest, my spanish has progressed rapidly, my companion said that I speak like a missionary who already has 6 months experience in the field, I don´t know if he was just saying that to be nice, or if it´s true, but either way, I have improved so much, especially while teaching.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write me, it really means a lot, I love letters, and if you want to, you can use the mission office address posted in my lastweeks email to write hand written letters. Another thing that I want to talk about is the 15th of september. Here in mexico, this holiday is huge, they have been having fireworks for every night the past week, it´s basically like new years and 4th of july put together, it´s crazy! But awesome, they celebrate so much, there was costumes of people in the street and stuff like that, plus tiendas that were selling mexico souvineers and stuff liek that, it was so awesome!

Keep me posted on how things are going, I´m sorry I don´t have much time to try and answer every question, and keep up with everything, but I´m trying.

Oh yeah, another thing, we have 3 baptisms this week! Yessica, y sus hijos(children) Carlos and Melanie, will be baptized this saturday. It´s so awesome, to feel the change in their lives, when they realize that the atonement can make them clean tand that through baptism they can receive forgiveness of sins, and join the church. But they are just such an awesome family to teach, I´m so excited, we already had one baptism, but this one will be differente, because it will be the work of me and my companion more, we actually taught them the lessons, really it´s all the work of the spirit, but we helped with this one. The last baptism that we had, the missionaries who were here previously taught him and prepared him, but yeah, it feels good. It makes up for all the times that i have been rejected or anything like that, but it is just awesome to be a missionary. I love this mission and everything about it, yes it´s new, and the streets at night are a bit scary, but I´m learning and loving it, spanish is coming along great, and I can´t wait to teach and work.

thanks for you love, support and prayers on my behalf, I´m out of time, but thanks for writing and I hope I answered all of your questions. Thanks for everything

Love, your son and brother,

Elder Limb

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