Monday, February 4, 2013

This week, was.......awesome. Want to knowwhy? It was because this week, my companion and I had the blessing and oppurtunity to go to a devotional in the mtc by the temple of mexico city, and, not only was it cool to be theere, but also, there was Elder Russel m. Nelson of the quorum of the 12 apostoles who came and talked to all the mexico city missions, it was an experience I will never forger, being in the same room as an apostle, it was like the coolest thing that I have ever felt, just knowing that he is an apostle and that I had the oppurtunity to listen to him is awesome, and it increased my testimony, and helped me to understand more about who I really am, he talkedabout how the missionaries have been called to fullfill with an eternal purpose, and that the Lord will help us, it was awesome experience. Also, something pretty cool, in the ward where I am serving, there is a member, and she is 93 years old! She comes to church everyweek, and that ispretty awesome for me, definitely an example to follow. Oh yeah, one thing that is cool about mexico, is that there is this cheese, in spanish it is called Queso Oaxaca, It is like string cheese, but like 1000 times better, It is so good, a member gave us like 1 pound of it to eat, I´m excited to eat more now haha

One other cool spiritual experience this week that happened, that strengthened my testimony to help me know that the Lord really does put people in the path of the missionaries to serve. This week, one day we were walking from a cancelled appointment, and we were going to visit some more less active members, and when we were walking, a young lady started yelling"elders, elders" when someone yells elders in mexico, you automatically turn your ears with excitement, but she came and told us that she needed someome to give her a blessing, so my companion and I gave her a blessing, and she told us that the stuff that my companion said(he gave the blessing) was exactly what she needed to hear, and the spirit was so strong there, and I knowthat that appointment got cancelled for a reason, it was so that we could give that blessing to this member of the church who needed that guidance and counsel that can come through means of the priesthood.

Also, I ate lentil soup here the other day, and I like itmore here, in spanish it is called "Lentejas" it tastes better haha, I lovethe food here, Well, thanks for your thoughts and prayers, I love youall, and that´s all for this week, I´ve got to go, thanks again, Love, Elder Daniel Limb

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