Monday, February 25, 2013

hello everyone, another week, another update in the life and mission of Elder Daniel Limb. WEll, this week, some pretty significant things have happened, the Lord is accelerating the work, and has created new missions, this means that my mission will be divided to form the mexico city, mexico, chalco mission, so I might be transferred into that mission, I will let you know when I know. Also, I love my new area, it is an area called REforma, and there is a lot of work here to do,

I have my first mexican companion, and we are working hard, this week, we were able to put two baptisimal dates for 17th of MArch! ONe of the investigators is Karina, it was so cool teaching her, because she has already listened to the missionaries in the past, her sister was baptized one year ago, but she told me and my companion that after the second lesson, she felt like she had known us for a lot more time, she felt the spirit so strong, and told us the she wants to be baptized, it was a lesson where the spirit was so strong, and it is a testimony to me, that the Lord has put me and my companion(Elder Escobedo) in this area of Reforma in this moment, because the Lord is preparing people to be taught and to accept the gospel, I am so excited for March 17th!

Also, this week I had a pretty cool experience as well, my companion and I went to eat with a member, but the member wasn´t home, so we went back to our apartment to look for something to eat, when we were walking back, a lady stopped us and said that she has been looking for some spiritual strength, and that she hasn´t been able to find it in her church, so she wanted to talk to us, because she alwasy sees us passing by, it was just a matter of time until she was prepared to have the courage to talk to us, we will be working with her this coming week, I hope that she continues to have the same interest and keeps progressing to the truth.

Also, the members in the ward of REforma are pretty great, they help me to feel welcome in my new ward where I am serving, it´s different being in a new area, but I know that it is where the Lord wants me to be, so i am excited to keep working and doing what the Lord wants me to do.

Another investigator, Juanita, will also be baptized 17th of MArch, she had been praying to find the truth, and then one day, the other missionaries of another area, contacted her and passed her information to us here, and we are working with her, and she is so ready to be baptized, she has so much faith, and has told us more than once that she already knows that this is the true church, because she can feel a feeling here that she can´t feel in any other place, and I know it is true, the Lord is advancing his work, and I am grateful for the chance to be a part of it. The book of mormon is awesome, and this week, a scripture that has given me a lot of help´(and helpto my investigators and less active members) is Moroni 7:33 I invite all of you to read and ponder this scripture, the work of the lOrd, baptisms, reactivation is expedient, and it will move forward, if we have faith, we will receive the power, this is my invitation to all of you, that you increase your faith theat the Lord is preparing people with whom to share the gospel, I have seen it here in my mission and i know it is true in every part of the world, thanks for keeping my in your thoughts and prayers,, I will give another update next week of how the work is going here in REforma, thanks again, Elder Limb, signing out..... Hasta luego

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