Sunday, August 19, 2012

Things are going great in the MTC, I still have two more weeks left, but I want to go out into the field and share what I have learned and put myself to the test. Don't worry mom, I've been taking vitamins, and drinking plenty of water to prepare my immune system for Mexico. We got a new teacher in my class this week because my old one had to quit so he could go to school, but our new teacher is from Mexico City, so she was able to tell me a lot about the culture, I'm beyond excited for the oppurtunity to teach and work with the people down there. I already feel a connection to them and just can't wait to serve them. This week, our mission district got smaller... 3 of the elders who were in our district had to transfer to the MTC in Bogota, colombia. It was sad to see them go, but happy because I know that they will be great in their missions down in Colombia. It's so different only haveing 6 missionaries in my district now, but it's still good, I have learned so much from them. This week, my district made a new goal that on Martes(Tuesday) and Jueves(Thursday) that we would speak only in spanish the whole day. It actually went pretty good, I was able to make it through, I can understand a lot more spanish than I can speak though, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely. My speaking abilities are slow, but is progressing and starting to get faster and more confident. Thanks so much for sending that package, It was perfect, I should be good on everything now, these next two weeks are going to go by fast, but I'll try to enjoy every second that I can while I'm still here in the MTC. It's been sad yet happy to see other missionaries in my zone leave for their missions, it's weird too now because now my district is one of teh more senior districts in the zone, I actually feel like I understand pretty much everything about the MTC and stuff. It's been so much fun teaching progressing investigators here, it's different here than it will be in the field, but it's still the same in a way. Me and Elder Baker have two baptisimal dates for two investigators who we havebeen teaching, it just feel sso aweome to see these investigators progress and change their lives because of what you have taught them. How are things going back at home? You can still use to write me while I'm here in the MTC for two more weeks, but after that it will be more difficult to get letters to me in Mexico. I haven't heard about the status of my Visa, I wont worry yet though, but if it doesn't go through they'll let me call home to tell you guys. This week has been so awesome though, because we got to teach each other. I had the oppurtunity to play the role of an investigator, it's different but good practice because you get to think of every possible problem that the investigator might have and it makes it easier to solve when/if you run into that problem in the mission field or with your investigator. The devotionals have been awesome, as usual, but one of the most aweome things that happened this Sunday was that we got to watch an old talk given by Elder Bednar at the MTC last Christmas, called the Character of Christ. This talk was literally life changing for me, it made me realize that I need to turn outward and help others all the time and stop worrying about my own concerns so much, I need to put the investigators needs first, because that is my responsibility as a missionary. This is exaclty what the SAvior did, he always looked to help others, Elder Bednar told some pretty cool stories about this too, it made me really commit to always think of others first, the words he used were so powerful, and the spirit I felt was so strong. Another really totally mind blowing quote that he said went something like this: "Who you are is far more important than whatever it is you will say" If you think about it, it is so true though, especially in the mission field. Investigators can only know of the truth of your message by the witness they receive through the holy spirit, you have to live all of the commandments that you are teaching so that they can feel the power of your testimony. Words without spirit behind them are not very powerful, and the investigators will be able to feel the spirit of your words, if you don't have teh spirit or live all the mission rules, the investigator will be able to feel that, and they will be less likely to want to hear more about the church, so i commmiteed myself to never have that happen, I committed myself to always live every rule, because I truly want the people of Mexico City to be able to feel of my love of the gospel and the savior and of my love of the people of Mexico City, I'm so excited to share what I know to be true, I can't wait! I have learned so much this week, it;'s difficult to try and explain it all in one email, but I just have one more totally lifechanging quote that I want to share: "Don't worry about how inexperienced you are or think you are, but think about what , with the Lord's help you can become"-President Eyring. I really love this qutoe, I found it and realized taht it was an answer to my prayers, the Lord has already helped me more than I even realize in becoming a good missionary, and although I am far from perfect, as long as i do my best and obey every rule, I know that the Lord will be able to help me to be an instrument in his hands in bringing others to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It's so awesome when I find other missionaries from Mexico, I've found like 7 this week alone, and they have told me about the culture and stuff, its going to be different, but very fun. I'm also starting to like talking in spanish more than english jajaja, cuando I get back from mi mission, it will be difficult for me to talk in english, already I've noticed that my grammer in english has gotten worse, but that's not important, just a little side note. What is more important is that I am trying my best, and although there have been times when I have been frustrated with teh language or with others, I've learned that the Lord cares about me and has provided all the resources that I need to overcome any obstacle in my path, I know it will be difficult and hard work, but I honestly can say that I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I've never felt this much joy before, to be able to share the happiness of the gospel with others so that they can have the same blessings that I enjoy, that of an eternal family and the blessing of the atonement. It's been different because one of our teachers is on vacation right now, so we always have a different teacher everyday, but it's been good because I've been able to learn different teaching methods and ways to learn spanish and stuff and I love it so much, i've also got to teach different investigators, which has been awesome, well my time's just about up, I hope to hear from you guys before I leave for Mexico at least one more time, I love letters, they truly make a day go by so much better, hasta luego
Elder Limb

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