Monday, March 18, 2013

Well, another week has passed by, and this week, was filled with water(three baptisms haha) it was awesome. The names of the people baptized were Juanita, with juanita, it was a miracle, she has so much faith, evern though now her exhusband isn´t going to give her money because she was baprized, she has faith that it will al lwork out, that the Lord will provide a way for her to have money and ot keep paying tithing, she is the older lady in the photo, and she is so excited to be a member of the church.

The younger lady is Karina, her twin sister was baptized a year ago, the first day when I arrived here in the area of REforma, she sent us a message to work with her, she was showing her faith, and so we worked with her, and she said that she has seen so many other missionaries but has never felt the need to be baptized like her sister, but now she does, and she was baptized, by me, it was a privelage and even though the water was cold, the spirit was warm.

The little boy is Josué, his family are all members, and he should have been baptized when he was 8, but his family was inactive, so we reactivated him, and his brother was able to baptize him, he is 9 years old. Also, this week, we saw a member less active,, his name is RAul, he hasn´t gone to church in two years, so we met with him, and after one visit, he decided to come to church, and I could see a change in his appearance, he really is ready to move forward in the gospel, he is 20 years old, and although he has to make some changes, it would be really cool if he could go on a mission.

My new companion is Elder Escamilla, I will meet him tomorrow, my companion that I have now, Elder Escobedo, will actually be going to my old area, Nativitas, so I´m excited for him, this month has gone by so fast, i can´t believe how fast it has gone by. There is a lot of work to do here in REforma, this ward has a lot of less active members, but they are our brothers and sisters, we are all children of God, so we are working with them to help them to return back to the church and participate in the blessings of the Sacrament.

And yeah, I am so excited for General conference in 2 weeks, what a grand oppurtunity and privelage it is to hear a prophet of God speak, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, I hope everything back home is going well, I love being a missionary, and I have a lot that I have to learn and improve, but this week, is going to be great. Thanks for everything, hasta luego, until next week,

Elder Limb- a.k.a the dominator, me and my new companion are going to dominate this next transfer, look forward to some miracles in the next coming weeks, I´m ready to work, and the field is white and ready to harvest. that´s all.

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