Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello everyone!

This week, was pretty awesome, in sacrament meeting there were 3 confirmations, I had the privelage to confirm Juanita a member of the church, it was pretty awesome!! Also, me and my new com panion are working really hard, there have been lots of miracles tha we have seen this week when we have been in the right place at the right time, to contact someone right when they were about to leave, it has been pretty awesome.

Also this week, we visited a less active member he is so excited to listen to us and to learn more about the gospel, and english(I´m teaching him english using the gospel, it´s pretty awesome) his name is RAul, and he really likes the church, it´s just a little difficult sometimes because he lives with his dad, and his dad is less active, but doesnt want to go, so it´s tough, but we´re working with him,. and he really wants to serve a mission, he is 20 years old, so we´re working with him.

I also learned what a big difference a new companion can make, me and my new companion are working together, with my other companion we didn´t really work together, we just worked seperately, together haha, but this time we are working together together, and it ismaking a big difference, the people are noticing and they are excited to listen to the word.

Also, this sunday, my companion and I had the oppurtunity to talk in Sacrament meeting, it was pretty great, I really felt the spirt preparing my talk, and some members told me it was great talk, I talked about how we can explain the feelings of the spirt to others who haven´t experienced the spirit before, and also about how sweet the gospel is, like a mango, and that we have to share it, it was a good talk, and things went pretty good.

I´m so excited for conference, and I hope that you guys are also, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, I am ready to keep working hard, thanks , hasta luego,

Elder Limb

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