Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello everyone, Time is flying by here in mexico, and I am preparing for the Christmas season, this year without snow, it isn`t the same..... but you know, the message is still the same, and I am so grateful for the savior and what he did for me and the life that he lived. For the experiences of this week, I will explain shortly: One thing that was just awesome was with Lorenzo, we contacted him like 3 months ago, like my first month here, and we have checked at his house like 56 times to find him, and he wasn`t there, we were so close to just giving up on him, but then I had a thought one day, it was thursday, (one of our appointments fell through) that we needed to go visiti Lorenzo, so we went and,.... he was there! He told us that he had been sick, but that he wants to listen to us and hear more about the church. So, we taught him, about authority and the Book of Mormon. And, we had the oppurtunity to give him a blessing, and he said that he felt better, and we put another appointment, but he wasn`t there. But still, there is hope with Lorenzo, and I learned that I shouldn`t give up finding people, because the time that I don`t look is when they might be there, when the Lord has prepared them to listen, and when they need me and my companion, and the gospel, the most. We`re still working with Lorenzo.

Another cool experience was with a less active member, she hasn`t been to church in 4 years, and she wasn`t there Sunday.... but still, this lesson that we had with her was so powerful, we taught about baptism and the covenant that she had made at one time in her life. One thing that was cool, was that we asked if we could helpe her in anyway, and she told us that we had already helped her with everything, that she feels 1000 times better since she started listening to us, we have an appointment with her tomorrow, and she has a grandson who is actually reading out of the book of mormon to her each day out loud for 20 minutes as part of his homework, but anyways, he is awesome and we are going to prepare to teach him, he is nine years old, and I really hope that he gets baptized and that his grandma returns to the church.

And, one more cool experience to finish the week, we were looking in the area book for more people to teach. And we went with an investigator who hadnpt haerf form them in one year, we found him and he was excited to hear from us an dis progressing, he has some doubts about the book of mormon, but we are working with him, and I`m excited. The work is progressing here, little by little. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayer, hasta luego, Love, Elder Limb

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