Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello Everyone! Once again, another week has passed by here in Mexico. Thisweek, there was´n´t much interesting stuff that happened, but I have a new companion now, his name is Elder Gerlach, it is different, but I am no longer a "greenie" missionary, it´s way different, but the work is still progressing, oh, and just so you know I am still in the same area, the area of Nativitas. The work is progressing here. I do have one story that is pretty cool to share actually, it goes like this:

Areceli is the name of oneof our investigators, she is progressing awesomely. But anyways, she has a daughter and we are teaching both of them. The lesson we taught to them, wasn´t all that great, itwas about´baptism, but she must have felt something, because she made the comment to us afterward that she could feel a different type of energy when we are with her teaching her. I know that this energy or good force that she is feeling is the spirt, and just knowing that someone else is able to feel the spirit from my teaching, means that I´m doing at least one thing right as a missionary haha, but yeah, it was a super good feeling after that lesson. Times like these make me realize that I´m really where i need to be, in this specific mission, at this specific time, doing what I should be doing.

And, we had the oppurtunity to watch the first presidency christmas devotional, in english, it´s betterthat way, although I could have watched it in spanish, I chose english, because it´smorenatual and original, but still, it wasawesome! The talks were just awesome. I loved it so much, it makes me excited for the Christmas season, although, it will be very different without snow thisyear, but I´m in mexico, so, I kind of alreadyknew that this is what i would need to expect. Well, this week, has been kind of a slow one, and a transition for me,being with my new companion, who is from Kamas Utah, but he´s starting to learn the area, and things are starting to progress, nextweek, I´ll have more updates. Hasta Luego, from Mexico City. Signing out for the week, Elder Daniel Limb.

P.S. I hope that everyone is enjoying the christmas season, and thanks so much for keepiong me in your thoughts and prayers, I really appreciate it.

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