Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday July 10,2012
    First letter from the MTC today!!  Elder Limb is doing great.  He is so excited to be there. They changed the words to The Army of Helaman song to" We are now the Lord's missionaries" it was awesome!
       Spanish is coming along.  He was able to bear his testominy in Spanish to his companion, Elder Baker, who is the district leader, so Elder Limb is the senior companion.  He understands Spanish and now understands the part of Preach My Gospel chapter 8 where it talks about learning a language, that the language of the Spirit is the same for everyone. However there is still some frustration in learning the language of Spanish,
        Many of the initial fears are gone and it sounds like he is learning to feel the Spirit .  There are 10 elders in his district,Elders Baker, himself, Jaussi, Juarez,Chase, Hogan, Elmer, Oscarson, Poxey, White.  They get along great.  The Spirit is so strong and it is awesome!!

      P.S. use www.dearelder.com because he said he gets letters faster that way.

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