Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm doing great, definately trying my best to enjoy my time here and learn as much as I can, spanish is coming along better, I have gotten pretty good at praying in spanish, I can almost say all the things that I want to, it's getting there, I still have 7 weeks left though, so plenty of time to improve and learn. This week was really awesome, the two devotionals that they had, one on Sunday and the other one on Tuesday were awesome! Definately one of the most spiritual experiences I have had so far. On Sunday the speaker was Jenny Oaks Baker, she was so good, and she played her violin during the devotional, she played like 6 or 7 songs for us, it was pretty awesome. She said something that stuck out to me a lot, she said that we need to put all of our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, not in a particular event happening, like an investigator getting baptized, or something like that, this way, you're faith will never shatter. If you put so much faith in something happening and it doesn't happen, oftentimes this can cause people to stray away from the church and stop going, but if you put all your faith in Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father's will, then your faith will never be weakened. It was better how she said it, but you get the idea. this week hasn't been all positives though, there have been some downfalls, but me and my companion have learned a ton from them. This week, we had two investigators, our first investigator, me and my companion for some reason got so nervous and starting doubting our own abilities to speak and understand spanish, when you let feelings of doubt and inadequacy and negativity come into your mind, you can't teach by the spirit. We were both so nervous and we couldn't really teach, we just started teaching a lesson, not teaching the investigator, we just kept babbling on reading out of our missionary phrase book to try and make him understand, but this isn't how it is supposed to be. You are supposed to get to know the investigator so that you can teach through the spirit a lesson that they will be able to understand and accept. We did so bad that we actually didn't exactly get a new appointment with this investigator, but we learned a lot. Our teacher told us that we could start over with this investigator now that we have learned so much more about starting to teach and teaching people not lessons. However, with our other investigator, me and my companion did so much better teaching. We went in,. determined not to let any feelings of inadquacy or doubt come into our minds, ready to teach with confidence and power the truth of the restored gospel on this earth. It was an awesome lesson! We both taught by the spirit and were able to teach the lesson in a way that personally fit the needs of this investigator, and we got him to commit to read the book of mormon and pray about Joseph Smith, it felt so awesome, I know that the investigators aren't actual investigator's, but it is still such a real feeling to teach the gospel to them, that is exactly the way that it will be in the field. Also, on the tuesday devotional, the speaker spoke about how strong the spirit really is, he gave an example of where he heard about a man who stood up to bear his testimony but could not find any words to say, all he did was stand at the pulpit. However, tears were streaming down his face and you could just feel the spirit in his message, the language of the spirit speaks stronger than any spoken words can, it penetrates straight to the heart and soul of the listener and leaves them with feelings, which are a lot stronger than sounds. Everyone who was in that congregation listening to the story of this man sharing his "silent testimony" knew exactly what the man was feeling, he was expressing his faith and how he felt our Heavenly Father's Love in his life for him personally, it is comforting for me to know this. My spanish isn't exactly where I would like it to be, but the message of the gospel that I will be sharing with others is true, and the spirit will help me and bring the message of the gospel into the heart of the listeners as long as I stay obedient and listen to the promptings of the spirit and go and teach with the spirit. I am so excited to go and help bring happiness into the lives of the people of Mexico City, on Wednesday we had an awesome lesson about learning to listen to the spirit and teach. We had an hermana(sister) come and teach us instead of our regular teacher, she had us close our eyes for 20 minutes and imagine that we were missionaries on the street and that we saw a women crying with a 2 year old child next to her, it felt like such a real situation, the teacher was representitive of the lady in the street and I was able to feel the spirit to help me know what she needed to hear, I knew the words in english perfectly, but not quite in spanish, however, the spirit can help people to understand, no matter what language it is that they speak. The gospel blesses families and that's what that lady needed to hear. She told us that she believed that God was mad at her because she had lost her family and had had some trials. As a district, we were able to feel the spirit to help us know how to comfort her and help her find happiness, that is the kind of work that I'll be doing out in the field, finding people like her who are in need of the teachings of the gospel and the comfort that it can bring into our lives through any trial or tribulation. Afterwards our teacher told us that she could feel the spirit and our desire to help her, which is more important than our actualy spanish speaking ability, she could feel that we truly wanted to help her and that opened up her heart and made her more understanding and listening to our message. That is how I feel about the people in Mexico that i will get to serve. I want to help them in whateverway I can to bring them the restored gospel and help them find happiness, that short 20 minute scenario was so powerful and such a good learning experience for me, my testimony of the spirit being able to help teach and comfort was strengthened so much that day, this is the true church on the earth today, there is so much that I wish I could say , but my time for email is running low, I am so grateful for the oppurtunity and chance that I have to serve a mission, I hope that I can serve the people of Mexico City to the best of my capabilites, I want to make the world a better place, one person at a time, I hope that I will be able to help them feel the spirit and bring them back to our Savior Lord Jesus Christ, I know that I can't do this alone, but with the help of the spirit, I know that I will be able to help others in Mexico City, specifically, because I have been called of God to represent his son Jesus Christ and bring others back to the gospel. This is the place where I will be able to reach out to the most people because of my talents, my personality, my experiences, my testimony, my spirit. I was callled to this mission for that reason, and I know it is true. I can feel it right now that I will be able to find people who will accept the gospel and come back to Christ, I am so excited for that, and I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything in the world. The MTC is still awesome, I still love the food, don't forget to write, and you should use while I am here in the MTC it gets letters here quicker and is pretty awesome, I love letters, I will write back to all of them as soon as I get time, missionary work is busy but I love it so much! It is definitely preparing me for the journey of a lifetime, there are souls to save and people to help and I need to prepare myself to help them to the best of my ability. My companion is awesome and we are learning how to teach together, by the spirit and help strengthen the testimonies of others, I'm so thankful for the letters that I have received and you guys are so awesome and mean so much to me, thanks for everything you do, I wish I could say more, but my time is up, don't forget to write, I love you guys so much

Elder Limb

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