Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello everyone! This week has been an awesomely crazy week, I guess I will start from the beginning, I got to start totrain my new companion, his name is Elder Hulme, (it rhymes with fume) He is from Prove Utah, it has been a fun experience to train him, and I feel really humbled for this oppurtunity, his spanish isn`t very good, but he works really hard and has really progressed in the week that we have been able to work together.

Well, I guess I will just start off to say that one things that was really crazy was this week it rained like I have never before seen in my life, it rained so much, like noah`s ark, my companion and I were dying in the rain, everything was soaked, including our scriptures…. My bible is a little bit ruined, but I can still read it, so I guess I shouldn`t complain, but seriously, out of the jmiddle of nowhere, it started to rain cats and dogs, and when I say cats and dogs, I mean lions and wolves, it was crazy! Also, this week, we had an experience that was pretty awesome, I will tell the story like this:

Okay, so it was Saturday night, my companion and I were tired, it was 7:55 PM we still had some time to do some visits, and all of out other appointments fell through, so we didn’t know what to do, then out of the middle of nowhere, I felt the prompting that my companion and I should visit a less active family, who haven`t been in their house the past 50 times that we have checked, So we deciced to go, at first I was like, they probably wont be there, but then the prompting came again, and I knew that I couldn`t deny it, so we went, and we found a less active family, we started teaching them,a nd when they saw my name, they almost had a heart attack, 12 years ago, this family was baptized, by a missionary called Elder Limb, it was pretty interesting, they showed me his photo, and they told me that he looks a lot like me, so he`s probably a long lost relative, but anyways, we started teaching them the atonement, and my companion in his broken Spanish started testifying about how families can be eternal if we apply the atonement, and they starte d listening really attenly, it was pretty powerful, even though the Spanish of my companion isn`t very good, the spirit helped them to understand, and after that I started testifying of the atonement, that they can change, and renew their baptisimal covenant, and the spirit was so astrong, I know that I was sent to this mission for a reason, and now I know a little bit more of the reasons why I am here, after the lessons, both of the less active mothers asked us for a blessing of comfort and counsel, and it was a powerful experience to give these blessings, I really felt the the atonement will work in their lives, they know that they have to change and they are going to do it, also they told us that they have between the two of them 3 kids that need to be baptized, and one of the husbands of the sisters is not a member and also one fo them has two sons who could be ready to go on a mission really soon, one is 20 years old, the other 17 years old, so we are going to work with them, and I am so glad that I listened to that prompting to go and teach them because now we are going to work with them closely and they will be able to progress faster, I will let you know how that all goes soon,

And yeah, that was the highlight of the week, also to see the members praying for my companion to learn Spanish, has been pretty powerful, I kno w that the gift of tongues is real, I have seen it here in this area, in my mission and now in the mission of my companion, he is improveing everyday his Spanish, and I know we will work miracles in the name of the lord, well, that`s about all for this week, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, Hasta luego, les amo, Elder Limb

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