Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Well, this week has been pretty good, we taught like 14 lessons I think, and i got to go on divisions with another Elder, I went to work with him in his area for a day, the name of that area is Fovissste. It was pretty fun, we taught some pretty powerful lessons, and one of the experiences that was pretty awesome was that we were teaching an investigator about how she needed to pray, and at first she didnt want to do it, but, then she decided to do it, and it was powerful prayer, she was crying and knew that she was communicating with her heavenly father, she expressed some of the problems that she needs help with in her prayers, and we testified that heavenly father will help her with those problems. In the mission, that has definitely been one of my favorite things, seeing somebody pray for the first time, it just makes me think how grateful we should be for prayer, a lot of times, I know I`m guilty of this, we just say our prayers out of habit, but really, I learned that each time is special, like how it is for investigators praying for the first time, when they really understand what they are doing, they feel the spirt, and it should be the same with us, it was a cool experience Remember the power and gift of prayers

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